Performance 16.12.22 - 18.12.22, 16. + 17.12., 7 + 8:30 p.m. | 18.12., 3:30 + 5 p.m. Saloon Entry: 10€, ermäßigt 5€

Merk-Würdig Gewöhnlich

Walzern V. 22.5.60.e

Guest production

Five senior women, two artists, one ballroom dance - accompanied by Arne Glöckner's music machines, cultural, social, ... rules of the game of joie de vivre are put to the test by the five women - Jing Hong Okorn Kuo's new production in Graz looks at life experience beyond the prescribed sequences of steps.

Waltz V. 22.5.60.e.:
Waltzing... we glide, we float, we turn and lie in each other's arms
V. ... to the melodies, to the beating of the hearts, to this new version of our world
22.5.60.e ... in 2022 there are 5 women, 60 years and older, exploring: What is joy? What is humor? What is optimism? What is gratitude?

Walzern V. 22.5.60.e