Performance 29.10.22, 7:30 p.m. Main room Entry: s. Veranstaltungsdetails, 3-50€

Nick Acorne


Guest production

PAY is a participatory performance that takes today's capitalist model of society to the absurd. During the performance it allows to create a model of existence in which altruistic decisions come into play against egoistic ones. As triggers of such decisions will be music, light, aggressive interactive installation and commercial interest of the visitors and the artist.

During the whole performance Nick Acorne will try to kick out the audience with all the possible art methods: from piano to electronic music and everything in between.

Tickets: The entry is for free, but when you will leave the performance you will be asked to pay the fee, which will be based on the time you spent at the performance: more time you stayed - less you pay. The fee will vary from 50,- to 3,- Euro. During performance every visitor will have a chance to earn money.
This project was supported by Land Steiermark, Klavierhaus Fiedler, FH JOANNEUM, VIK - Verein für Innovative Kunst and Forum Stadtpark.