Workshop 25.09.21, 10:00 Saloon Entry: 66€ | Radio Helsinki Vereinsmitglieder 33€

Brigitte Theißl

Classism and Media, Workshop

Guest production

Classist reporting can be found in all media formats: in reality TV, where unemployed teenage mothers are paraded, but also in quality media, where reporters report from the so-called problem neighborhoods.

In this workshop, we will learn to recognize classism in the media in its various forms as well as discuss what critical and respectful reporting could look like.

25.09.2021, 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Trainer: Brigitte Theißl

Brigitte Theißl is a senior editor at the feminist magazine an.schläge.

In cooperation with COMMIT
Supported by VFRÖ.


Classism and Media, Workshop