Discourse 21.07.19, 11:00 Hauptraum Entry: Free

Claudia Gerhäusser, Heidrun Primas u.v.a

Diskurs, Kunstvermittlung RADIO KULTUR KAFFEE #7

Professionalization phases in the macrocosm
Claudia Gerhäusser in conversation with Heidrun Primas and more.

The RADIO KULTUR KAFFEE at the FORUM STADTPARK in Graz takes place monthly on a Sunday from 11-12h since December 2, 2018. It is a cooperation between the Forum Stadtpark, Radio Helsinki and the Parks-Graz. The conversation with artists* and curators serves the social need for language and speech for the presence of art in society.


Diskurs, Kunstvermittlung RADIO KULTUR KAFFEE #7