Exhibition 15.05.23 - 20.05.23, 16 - 19 Uhr Hauptraum Entry: Free


Daytime Pop Up Exhibition

In addition to the exhibition reelreelreelreal, which is currently on display at the Forum Stadtpark, four of the artists exhibiting there are now also in charge of a pop-up exhibition, which takes place before the photo and video exhibition begins.

Paola Lesslhumer, Lena Baloch, Lea Blagojević and Philipp Bohar will be at the Forum before the opening hours of "reelreelreelreal" to talk to exhibition visitors and answer any questions they may have.


"bruch stück" book conversations | May 16, 16:00-19:00
with Lena Baloch

The photographer will be present and is looking forward to conversations & exchange with visitors about her photo book "bruch stück", which can be seen at the photo and video exhibition reelreelreelreal.

"Sorry you don't know" - thoughts on "nonconsensual porn" & stories of three affected women* | May 17, 16:00-19:00
with Paola Lesslhumer

An interview with the artist will be possible. Furthermore, visitors can get to know three women* affected by "nonconsensual porn" and their stories.

"Under white lime I wait for the comet" | May 18-19, each 16:00-19:00
with Philipp Bohar

The artist will be present and is looking forward to conversations & exchanges with visitors:inside about the work on display.

"Finissage of the Daytime "reelreelreal" Pop-up Exhibition | May 20, 16:00 - 19.00
with Lea Blagojevic

On Saturday 20.05. the finissage of the Daytime Pop-Up exhibition of the photographers Paola Lesslhumer, Lea Blagojević, Lena Baloch and Philipp Bohar will take place within the exhibition concept "reelreelreelreal".

From 16:00-18:00 there will be a crisis talk with the last generation, led by and with Lea Blagojevic. Part of this program is a lecture on the reality of the climate crisis and civil disobedience, followed by a discussion and Q&A session on the exhibited images in reelreelreal.

Daytime Pop Up Exhibition