with discussion 08.05.23, 19:00 -22:00 Salon Entry: Free

Ana Hofmann

Liberation Day - Rethinking Antifascism and Liberation

Rethinking Antifascism and Liberation
A Yugoslav Perspective with Ana Hofman (Language: Englisch)

On Liberation Day we look into the historical and contemporary context of (ex-) Yugoslavia, the birthplace of the most powerful resistance against Nazism. In the first week of May, the Yugoslav partisan army also liberated Austrian territories (southern Carinthia) from Nazi rule. How is anti-fascist resistance and liberation negotiated in the current ex-Yugoslavian context? What role do neoliberal and nationalist appropriations of historical events play? The cultural scientist Ana Hofman provides perspectives for the re-thinking, re-appropriation and re-vitalization of historical anti-fascism by current feminist, ecological, anti-racist movements.

Ana Hofman is an ethnomusicologist and anthropologist. She works as a researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Cultural and Memory Studies in Ljubljana. Her research focuses on music and politics in post-socialist societies, with a particular focus on activism in the field of memory cultures.

Liberation Day - Rethinking Antifascism and Liberation