Talk 14.03.23, 19:00 Saloon Entry: Free

Ipek Yüksek

Turkey after the earthquake

On 6 February, an earthquake shook large parts of south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria. More than 50,000 people were killed, the destruction is enormous. More than a month later, many things are still in a mess, and help has arrived late and inadequately in many places.

Ipek Yüksek travelled to Turkey a few days after the quake, to her home province of Hatay, which was hit hardest by the quakes. She supported the (feminist) solidarity work on the ground and helped her family, which like most other families has to mourn the dead and faces destroyed livelihoods.

She will talk about her experiences on the ground and give an assessment of the political situation in the affected regions and in Turkey as a whole.

Ipek Yüksek is an activist and journalist for "Radio Helsinki - Freies Radio Graz", "Mosaik Blog. Recomposing Politics" and "an.schläge - Das feministische Magazin"."

Turkey after the earthquake