Exhibition 23.09.21 - 02.10.21, Opening: 23.09., 18:00 | Exhibition: 24.09 - 02.10., 14:00-18:00 main room Entry: Free



Guest production

“Models” is intended as a call to slow down the design process of architecture. Contemporary architecture relies less on model making and more on rendering with the computer. Does this circumstance lead to do with the fact that real architecture is losing sensitivity and sensuality? For an architect, it should be part of the process to design with his own hands, rather than with a controller. Otherwise, a certain creative design process, which is based on craftsmanship skills and the physical examination with materials, will be eliminated. In addition, the absence of flawless renderings will leave more room for the own imagination and opens space for new ideas. In this sense, physical modelling offers advantages that may not be immediately apparent, but subsequently make it indispensable for a sustainable architectural practice.

Addressing this topic, the exhibition will feature works by Leonhard Panzenböck, Ellena Ehrl & Tibor Bielicky, Jasmin Monschein & Marry-Ann Lackner as well as 85 contributions from international architecture offices. In addition, a symposium, which will take place on the 30th of September, will provide deeper insights to the topic. The edition will culminate in a publication, print and online, which will be released in winter 2021.

23.09. Opening (18:00 - open end) 
30.09 Symposium „Thinking within the Model“  (09:30 - 17:30)
02.10. Long night of the museums (18:00 – 01:00) 



Models is a part of "ORF Lange Nacht der Museen 2021"


On Saturday, October 2, from 6PM-1AM all across Austria.