Discourse 10.05.22, 6PM Entry: Free


Susanna Flock: Cardio


We should talk more about art, generally.

Instead of talking openly about problems, opinions, tastes and feelings, we usually say quite little. We prefer to just look, drink and listen.

That's what we want to do in the ECHORAUM, too. But at the same time, we want to talk. Or even better discuss, argue a little, and hopefully learn together. Or better yet unlearn? No question isn't being worth asking. Every question deserves a possible answer.

We'll meet in the ECHORAUM four times a year, in a special setting designed by the artist Christina Helena Romirer in the FORUM STADTPARK and try to be an echo: an echo for current questions in art, fundamental controversies and for exhibitions and projects that are currently on view in Graz.

In the first edition we will visit the exhibition "Susanna Flock: Cardio" and discuss it.

Limited number of seats.


A project by Anna Döcker and Markus Waitschacher

Susanna Flock: Cardio