Talk 18.04.23, 6 p.m. 1st floor Entry: Free




In the fast-paced art world, there is often little time to think about documenting, archiving, and recording what has happened. At the same time, there are established practices of documenting: Photographed exhibition views, catalogs, and other archival materials are standard tools of art (history). Most things, however, cannot be recorded, and many things are deliberately not made tangible. Funding applications, CVs or social media appearances, on the other hand, require embellished and successful representations of the past. In the ECHORAUM we also want to talk about problems of documenting and share our best-practice examples as well as failed projects.

Very limited number of places.
If you are interested, please contact us at:

We should talk more about art, generally. Instead of talking openly about problems, opinions, tastes and feelings, we usually say quite little. We prefer to just look, drink and listen. That's what we want to do in the ECHORAUM, too. But at the same time, we want to talk. Or even better discuss, argue a little, and hopefully learn together. Or better yet unlearn? No question isn't being worth asking. Every question deserves a possible answer.

A project by Anna Döcker and Markus Waitschacher