Walk 19.10.24, tba Entry: Free


Graz Decolonial

Hall of Beef

The urban walk Graz Decolonial addresses three dimensions of coloniality in Graz. Firstly, it renders Black perceptions of Graz visible and audible. Colonial and racist symbols continue to be present in the city, and represent a painful
part of the daily confrontation with colonial heritage.

A further continuity is represented by the ongoing presence of “soft” colonialism, which shaped Austria from the rule of the Habsburg monarchy through to its present-day role in the Balkan region. The third emphasis lies in current neo-colonial and imperial entanglements.

To what extent are Graz’s economy and politics involved in the various extractivist projects and theatres of war on this planet – and why does this tend not to be thematised in public debates? The walk will bring us to sites in Graz that tell something about these three interwoven dimensions – from memorials, street names, and symbols to gaps, omissions, and moments of repression.

The format will be developed in close conversation with experts, activist and cultural communities, and includes both historical and political perspectives and artistic and literary contributions.

Urban Walk as Part of the Festival “Weltwortreisende”

Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Rivka Saltiel, Sara T. Huber, Markus Gönitzer

Graz Decolonial