Exhibition 07.12.24 - 15.01.25, Di. - Sa., 14.00 - 18.00 Entry: Free

Ren Aldridge

The Resistance Quilt

Hall of Beef

In her project “The Resistance Quilt”, Ren Aldridge attempts to create bridges between art, activism, and research. Collaboration and community play a central role in the creation of a monument for the end of feminicides. In public as well as curated spaces, the artist has been joined by others in a year-long search for ideas and practices that approach social structures of sexualised violence and find forms to render them tangible, visible, and audible.
As a manifestation of the collective power to act, during this year, a huge quilt is to be collectively woven out of textile elements. This will be accompanied by a tapestry of sounds realised in collaboration with Reni Hofmüller, and bringing together recordings of protests against the social conditions that lead to feminicides. Through the continuous participation of many hands, and a collective reckoning with gender-based violence, the process of realising this work represents a form of resistance.

The exhibition forms the conclusion of the project. At the same time, it is a means to make resistance visible and audible, and a declaration of refusal against the social conditions that are grounded in the isolation and oppression of women and queer people under destructive living conditions.

Cooperation with Ren Aldridge and Reni Hofmüller
Curated by Sara T. Huber

Instagram: @the_resistance_quilt_project

The Resistance Quilt