Performance 09.07.24 - 11.07.24, from 8 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: tba€

Performance in the Ring

A feminist wrestling match

Hall of Beef

In “Performance in the Ring”, a wrestling match is transformed into a platform for the negotiation of feminist topics. The wrestling ring becomes a stage on which the rifts between different forms of feminism might be overcome.

Two women throw themselves into the conflict using both cultivated and uncultivated methods. Not only questions, but also other items (such as chairs) are thrown back and forth. Interspersed with screams of rage and joy, sweat and blood, common enemies, and takeovers both hostile and friendly, a furious exchange of blows takes place. Exciting, brutal, raucous, and hilarious, this show tackles the urgent questions that often separate radical, liberal, queer, and eco-feminists from one another.

Who is “we”, and what do we define as “us”? Do shared enemies automatically make us friends? Or can we have different opinions in solidarity? Can we still find consensus in light of pluralistic and diverse identity-political constellations, as well as the politics of society more broadly? Or do we need to learn to tolerate different positions? Can or must we still fight, and if yes, how?

The wrestling performance visualises abstract social dynamics and identity politics among women✺ as a draft or first test for a
performance that will continue to unfold.

Nadja Brachvogel, Victoria Fux,
Lisa Horvath

A feminist wrestling match