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Guest production

Internal expert workshop of the Grazotopia project - (without audience).

Based on the results of the GrazResearch - an extensive research on the topics of housing, energy and soil (politics), which the research team of Grazotopia 2020 has carried out - a team of five to ten local and international experts and activists working in the field of solidarity economy, political ecology, participatory urban planning or speculative design will develop a first utopian sketch of the future development of Graz in the UtopiaIncubator.

In the subsequent UtopiaSchool and UtopiaLab, all visitors are invited to modify and further develop this initial draft.

The Grazotopia project Projekt Grazotopia, which takes place within the framework of Graz Kulturjahr 2020, is an extensive experiment in participatory utopian urban planning and housing policy that aims to facilitate cooperation between local and international experts, activists and students as well as all interested city dwellers.

The thematic focus of the multi-phase planning experiment is on growth-critical and solidarity-based economic models, cyber-socialist governance concepts, more-than-human housing communities, alternative forms of ownership, inclusive, egalitarian and sustainable financing schemes, decentralised community energy networks, and the repurposing of blockchain and other emerging technologies for the purposes of equitable resource distribution.

While the first phase of the project (GrazResearch) systematically collects, organises and publishes information relevant to the planning process, the second phase of the project offers an intensive educational programme on utopian urban planning.


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In der daran anschließenden UtopieSchule und dem UtopieLabor sind alle Besucher*innen dazu eingeladen den ursprünglichen Entwurf der Expert*innen aus dem UTOPIE INKUBATOR zu modifizieren und weiter zu entwickeln.

Seminar mit dem Grazotopia-Team und Leiter*innen des UtopieInkubators.
Online-Abendvorträge von geladenen internationalen Expert*innen, Aktivist*innen und Designer*innen

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