Videopremiere 25.10.22, 7:30 p.m. Saloon Entry: Free

Heinz Trenczak

When I help, I help myself

Guest production

Hussean Aldahar, meteorologist from Syria, tells the story of his escape.

Video by Heinz Trenczak
OmdU, 52 min, Austria 2021

Panel discussion with Hussean Aldahar (online), Nicola Baloch, Petra Leschanz and Heinz Trenczak.

Moderation: Heidrun Primas

The event is held in German language

In the third part of the trilogy on the topic of flight and aid, "3400 Semmeln", the Syrian Hussean Aldahar is portrayed among many others; he had come to Graz in 2015 and received his asylum status after a long wait. During his stay, Hussean made himself useful mainly in the "Graz: Spendenkonvoi" and in turn helped in the care of refugees.

Organizer:inside: Vis-à-vis-film, Graz: Spendenkonvoi, Border Crossing Spielfeld

When I help, I help myself