Cabaret 15.10.22, 8 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: 16/12€

herbst Cabaret

Verena Dengler: Amadeus Mossad and the Problems of Our Time

Guest production

On 26 May 2017, Verena Dengler posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption “Amadeus Mossad—new hot Austropop.” This titular reference forms the backdrop for an experimental spoken-word evening by the artist with text, music, and other elements that ties into her previous multidisciplinary practice. Dengler addresses some of the burning questions that occupy the (art) world, such as: “Which is worse: anti-Semitism or being accused of anti-Semitism?” Can Freemason Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart give us a special Austrian perspective and provide answers on the subject of conspiracy theories?

Especially in the prewar period of the 1930s, cabaret was popular in Austria, which is no wonder considering that this versatile term refers to the spoken, sung, played, even danced criticism of current social and political phenomena. But even after the war and later, until the 1980s, cabaret commented on a society marked by discontent, unemployment, and scarcity. In Graz, for example, the popular group Der Würfel made a name for itself with its particularly biting evenings in Forum Stadtpark, among other venues. With the herbstkabarett we continue this tradition in new forms, hard-hitting and contemporary.

Curated by Mirela Baciak (steirischer herbst) and Miriam Schmid (Forum Stadtpark)

Verena Dengler: Amadeus Mossad and the Problems of Our Time