Discourse 30.06.23, 18:00 Forum Saloon Entry: Free

with Dastan Jasim

The Kurdish Women’s movement and femicide

The Kurdish Soli-Committee, F*Streik and Forum Stadtpark invite to discuss how the Kurdish Women’s movement deals with femicide and gender based violence. This event is part of a series initiated by the Kurdish Soli-Committee in cooperation with various activist groups in Graz to raise awareness of the Kurdish revolutionary movement. This event will be moderated by Ipek Yüksek.

The Kurdish Women’s movement is a beacon of feminist inspiration around the world. Here in Europe we are very familiar with images of the YPJ (the revolutionary all-women militia units) as well as the slogan Jin Jiyan Azadî! (Women Life Freedom!) Through this discussion we will dive deeper into the politics of the Kurdish Women’s Movement and how they play out in civic life, especially in terms of dealing with gender based violence and femicide. 

Learning about how this topic is dealt with by the Kurdish Women’s movement can be an inspiration for efforts and inform strategies of dealing with femicides in an local context, where it has become increasingly visible and urgent.

The Kurdish Women’s movement and femicide

Our guests for discussion

The Kurdish Women’s movement and femicide

Here you can find out more about F*Streik, the Soli-Komitee Kurdistan Graz, Ipek Yüksek and Dastan Jasim!

Dastan Jasim
Dastan Jasim is a political scientist and doctoral researcher at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA). She specialises in Kurdish studies, Democratization & Decentralization, Political Sociology, Security policy in & around Kurdistan and Survey data harmonization. Her doctoral research is titled: "Civic Culture without a State: Conceptualizing Kurdish Civic Culture in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria between State-Control and Resistance."

The Kurdistan Solidarity Committee
The Kurdistan Solidarity Committee Graz is an association of various activists and political groups from Graz. The committee deals with the ideas and politics of the Kurdish freedom movement and the revolution in Northern/East Syria, Rojava. The aim of the committee is to communicate the ideas of the Kurdish freedom movement through events such as lectures, discussions or book presentations and to support the revolution and struggles in Kurdistan on a local level.

Ipek Yüksek
Ipek Yüksek is an activist in the context of migrant self-organization and is doing (feminist) solidarity work with many others in the wake of the catastrophic aftermath of the earthquakes in Turkey. She is also a journalist for, among others, "Radio Helsinki - Freies Radio Graz", "Mosaik Blog. Reassembling Politics" and "an.schläge - Das feministische Magazin".

Streik is an autonomous feminist collective in Graz that addresses the injustices resulting from a patriarchal-racist-capitalist social order. Inspired by the feminist movements of Latin America, they regularly take to the streets against gender-based violence and femicide, extend strikes to unpaid and structurally invisible reproductive work and link their struggles to e.g. anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and climate justice concerns.