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[After Her Destruction]

L Twills

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20:00 DJ Set Cat Gadget
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22:00 L Twills
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Imagination versus deconstruction - freedom versus fiction: In the album projects of the experimental Tatar-German singer, songwriter and producer L Twills, pop underground merges with multimedia art.

Under her stage name L Twills the musician, performer and multi media artist Lila-Zoé Krauß combines electronic sounds, computer music, pop elements, noise and avant-garde with expressive vocals.
Born in Alice Springs and raised in Hamburg, the Tatar-German artist has lived, worked and studied between Hamburg, Los Angeles and Berlin. Away from conventions, L Twills‘ songs sound like abysses, disillusionment and the power that can be drawn from them. Using various analogue and digital sound synthesis techniques, improvisation and sampling, she arranges complex compositions that subvert classical listening habits. In her multimedia album projects, L Twills confronts subjects related to violence, capitalism and emancipation.
Influences from video, theater and visual arts permeate her audio visual language. Her expressive stage performance is reminiscent of artists such as Laurie Anderson or Diamanda Galas. The „deconstruction and noisiness“ of her „songwriting approach, which is markedly inclined towards stubbornness“ (Gerhard Stöger), testifies to influences of preceding avant-pop greats such as Arca, Nina Hagen,
Portishead or Björk. Especially the latter is often mentioned to describe L Twills‘ significant, always newly staging voice. Thereby it is the rapt, whimsical and surreal sceneries in which L Twills‘ hope ful tones resound.

In early November 2023, L Twills will release her anticipated multimedia album "[After Her Destruction]", consisting of 10 video chapters and a double LP. The cybernetic sci-fi opera is about protagonist Girl, who embarks on a journey through her own mind to find out whether it has mutated. Musically, the album weaves electronic, digital and acoustic realms into wild assemblages of granulated rhythms and landscapes carefully organized around Twill's expressive and intimate vocal ventures.
'[After Her Destruction]' will have its preview at the Popkultur Festival in Berlin on September 1.

L Twills

About the artist

L Twills

A short biography

Born in Alice Springs and raised in Hamburg, L Twills studied art in Hamburg, Los Angeles and Berlin. Recently, she moved to Vienna. In 2020 L Twills released her debut album '[Freedom/Fiction]' and performed with it on countless stages, festivals and exhibitions, such as Documenta Fifteen, Popkultur Festival Berlin, Kvaka Art Space Belgrade, Import Export Munich, Kampnagel Summer Festival, NAVEL Los Angeles, Montez-Press-New York, Übel&Gefährlich, Fusion Festival, Reeperbahn Festival and many more.