Installation 30.10.21, 10:00 main room Entry: Free (Register for event)

Claudia Gerhäusser & Clara Wildberger

Fog instead of crisis

We are fog, We are good,
No crisis - no more, not here, anywhere.
No word remains, the fog stands.
How to describe it no one knows.
Caspar, David, Friedrich, Biedermeier, bedtime song?

And from the Forum rises
The white fog wonderful.
From sunrise to its descent.

We are fog, We are good,
No crisis - no more, not here.
Only somewhere life in circles
How to describe it no one knows.

foginsteadofcrisis #foginsteadofcrisis #foginsteadofcrisis

06-10 - clouds of fog in FORUM STADTPARK
10-22 - visiting hours "Nebelraum" (fog room)
16:00 - The Nebulas – a short speaking opera
19:30 - opening sounds
20:00 - Reza Kellner

A Forum Stadtpark production with Arne Glöckner, Sebastian Reiser, Johanna Lamprecht, Peter Hutter, Catrin Manoli and Armin Hazrati.


You are entering THE FOG.
Enter the installation at your own risk.
You are not alone in the fog room.
Enter the fog room carefully, move carefully.
Ask to be given a whistle and a safety light.
Please use the whistle only in the event of emerging panic, extreme discomfort or a feeling of genuine disorientation.
Please contact the supervisor or the people with the reflector strips with any questions.
There is always someone in or outside the fog room!

2,5G Rule: Due to the use of fog machines, only proof of a negative PCR test will be valid (in addition to the valid proof of vaccination or recovery). Antigen tests will not be accepted.
FFP2 masks must be worn throughout the Forum Stadtpark.

We care about your orientation and safety!

Fog instead of crisis