Installation 23.01.22 - 29.01.22, 10:07 - 19:07 Entry: Free

Winfried Ritsch

Sonic Actions: 7x7 7sec

For 7 days, from 10:07 to 19:07, a 7-second composition will be sent into the city as a sound action from a collection of many different loudspeakers from the roof of the Forum Stadtpark every 7 minutes past the hour. The musical messages of the sound sculpture are to be heard all the way to the opera house and are over before they can be properly grasped by passers-by. The loudspeaker object displays volume and transience at the same time and thus becomes a sculpture itself. A DIY streambox at Kaiser Josef Platz delivers a monitor audio signal back to the exhibition, where it is being archived. There are no rehearsals, each sound action is unique and will not be repeated.

Realization: Institut für Elektronische Musik in cooperation with Atelier Algorythmics

Acoustic urban design is an experimental field that is primarily dedicated to noise control measures. However, active acoustic design can influence any place, no matter how small, or even a complete environment. In order to explore this, sound design and sound actions are applied. Sound design is an intervention in the sound environment of a place and permanently changes its perception. Sound actions, on the other hand, counteract this sound design. In the tradition of action art, the spontaneous release of sound energy is combined with musical events whose perception is not predetermined. Disorientation and alienation abstract the process of locating sonic identity (acoustic disslocation art). The emotionalization of the listener through sounds is brought to the fore and the transformation of processes and sequences in the acoustic is used for sensualization.

Micro-sound actions, in turn, are so short that they are often over by the time they are identified. All that remains is a vague memory of the tiny compositions that exist only in their environment - a "Monument in Time" par excellence.

Sonic Actions: 7x7 7sec