Halle für Streit / Hall of Beef

Disputes are dubious, disagreements are dirty. Fighting in public is generally frowned upon. Where conflict is acceptable in our society, it is mostly in order to feed a trigger-happy economy of attention. From trolling, to techniques of false balance and message control:

Here, even the most burning questions of our day fail to be addressed – and that great firewall, pragmatism, remains unshaken.

At the same time, conflict is consciously fomented on a day-to-day basis. Politicians from established political parties fabricate
“controversial” messages and create storms of outrage in order to distract from less convenient topics. Meanwhile, in emancipatory movements, the prevailing culture of conflict tends to prioritise that which divides over commonalities.

Instead of discussing shared struggles and solidarities, the focus is often on who should be allowed to speak. At the same time, new facts are created in the slipstream of shitstorms, democratic institutions are disassembled, and further forms of polarisation are plotted.

It’s 2024, and trouble is on the horizon. Society’s common sense, which walls off long-overdue conflicts, is troubled. Troubled, too, is the reflex to divide, which renders moments of dispute irresolvable. Troubled are the politics of affect, which resolve one conflict by starting another.

Which conflicts are long-overdue? Which are
destructive? Where is energy going to waste?
And what must most urgently be fought out
and fought for?

Halle für Streit / Hall of Beef

PROGRAMME | Halle für Streit / Hall of Beef

11.4.2024 Der Große Streitkunstpreis / The Grand Artfight Prize

13.4.2024 Streitansage / Declaration of Disagreement, Sounds of Beef

19.4.2024 Stadt Streiten I. / Contesting the City

23.4.2024 Der Streit um die richtige Erinnerung / Memory Conflicts

23.4. - 8.5.2024 Žensko ime odpora / Der Weibliche Name des Widerstands

8.5.2024 Chor-Intervention zum Tag der Befreiung / Choirs of Resistance

10.5. - 7.6.2024 DTAFA: How to Become an Island? THE BOOTCAMP


11.5.2024 Stadt Streiten II. / Contesting the City

18.6.2024 manuskripte Zeitschriften Release zum Thema Streit

Most likely in July Performance im Ring / Performance in the ring

19.10.2024 Erinnerungen der Gegenwart / Graz Decolonial

22.10.2024 ECHORAUM: Kunst und Streit

NOV 2024 Kommunismus vs. Kapitalismus // Communism vs. Capitalism

6.12.2024 - Jan 2025 Ren Aldridge: The Resistance Quilt

10.12.2024 ECHORAUM: Kunst und Aktivismus