Talk 13.12.22, 6 p.m. 1st floor Entry: Free


Catrin Bolt: unser


Catrin Bolt carved 52 crucifixes out of different woods during the year. Each week she handed over one to FORUM STADTPARK, Center for Security, whereupon it was placed somewhere in the house. Together we will explore, analyze and discuss her annual intervention titled our. How does it influence the security situation in FORUM STADTPARK? Does everything stay the same? Do we feel watched, intimidated or sheltered? And more importantly, will it make us feel safer or more insecure?

Catrin Bolt deals with traces of forgetting and repression in the collective memory, as well as with global entanglements of our oversized society. She works mainly with analog photography and site-specific installations made of various materials.

Registration at is requested. Limited space available.

We should talk more about art, generally. Instead of talking openly about problems, opinions, tastes and feelings, we usually say quite little. We prefer to just look, drink and listen. That's what we want to do in the ECHORAUM, too. But at the same time, we want to talk. Or even better discuss, argue a little, and hopefully learn together. Or better yet unlearn? No question isn't being worth asking. Every question deserves a possible answer.

A project by Anna Döcker and Markus Waitschacher

Catrin Bolt: unser