Talk 14.02.23, 18:00 1st floor Entry: Free


Art & CO2


Whether with tomato soup, mashed potatoes or glue - in recent weeks, climate activists have repeatedly made headlines with a wide variety of protest actions in museums.

The art world requires vast amounts of resources: in addition to air conditioning, packaging materials and transport costs, we art people also emit tons of CO2 when jetting around the world to residencies, biennials and art fairs. In addition, many art projects are only made possible by sponsors from the private sector, whose funds are often questionable.

At the same time, art is an important vehicle for drawing attention to discourses on the climate crisis and ecological and social responsibility.

At ECHORAUM we want to reflect on these issues. How can the art world become more sustainable? What should, can, must change? And can we actually make any difference, or is it already too late?

Registration at is requested. Limited space available.

We should talk more about art, generally. Instead of talking openly about problems, opinions, tastes and feelings, we usually say quite little. We prefer to just look, drink and listen. That's what we want to do in the ECHORAUM, too. But at the same time, we want to talk. Or even better discuss, argue a little, and hopefully learn together. Or better yet unlearn? No question isn't being worth asking. Every question deserves a possible answer.

A project by Anna Döcker and Markus Waitschacher

Art & CO2