Presentation 22.06.22, 7PM Literaturhaus Graz Entry: Free

Lisa Höllebauer

Narrating against Poverty - at Literaturhaus Graz

Guest production

With Valerie Fritsch, Benjamin Quaderer und Lucia Leidenfrost
Moderation and Idea: Lisa Höllebauer

"But I have nothing more and nothing else to oppose poverty with than my words, which I can
shape into stories." (Lucia Leidenfrost, Storytelling Against Poverty, p. 48)

All proceeds from the book sales will be donated to the SOS Children's Village aid project for refugees.

In cooperation with Forum Stadtpark.

Authors Irene Diwiak, Katharina J. Ferner, Valerie Fritsch, Lisa Krusche, Lucia Leidenfrost,
Martin Peichl, Benjamin Quaderer, Clemens J. Setz, Mercedes Spannagel and Barbara Zeman have followed Lisa Höllebauer's call and contributed a text to the anthology "Narrating against Poverty".
Poverty" presenting different approaches to the topic. The editor places a trigger warning at the end of her preface: "If it becomestoo much, put the book down for a moment, take a breath, and enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to step out of the story, because others don't."

Sponsored by: City of Graz, Province of Styria and ÖH Fakultätsvertretung GeWi Graz.

Narrating against Poverty - at Literaturhaus Graz