Presentation 31.03.22, 7PM Saloon Entry: Free

manuskripte 235


Guest production

Graz in all its "exoticism" is the subject of the presentation of the 235th issue of manuskripte at Forum Stadtpark. How friendly are the local aliens really? Where does Sporgasse lead to when you go back in time through it? And what is the favorite word of the Styrian natives?

Views from outside and inside try to get to the bottom of the problematic term "exoticism" and our city, which is also not always unproblematic. In addition to readings and a panel discussion, songs in the 4-6 most common languages of Graz can be heard. And who knows, maybe one or the other Graz classic will rise from its Forum grave of honor to shake up the basic pillars of our understanding of how a reading should be done!

Reading, Music, Riot
Contributors: Florian Dietmaier, Jimi Lend, Guillaume Métayer, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Tabea Steiner, Andreas Unterweger
Music: Bane Pijanco