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In cooperation with Ritter Verlag

Poetry & Jazz

Musical improvisation by VIOLA HAMMER (keyb.) and PATRICK DUNST (sax)

Three striking positions of contemporary poetry are united not only by their transgressive tendency into the musical. Elementary motifs from astronomy, volcanism, mythology or animistic magic condense with linguistic material from media and high-tech to image and sound spaces in which existential problems, social and economic contradictions become perceptible in all their monstrous force. In the mode of linguistic-musical transgression, utopian counter-designs resound.

A cooperation of FORUM STADTPARK and RITTER Literatur
Moderation: Paul Pechmann

Stefan Schmitzer, born 1979 in Graz, freelance author and literature performer
Ronald Pohl, born 1965 in Wien, works as cultural editor for the daily newspaper "Der Standard", lives as author in Laab am Walde/Lower Austria.
Fiston Mwanza-Mujila, born 1981 in Lubumbashi, lives as a freelance author in Graz, writes mostly in French, at thr moment he is the Literary representative of the Forum Stadtpark Graz
Viola Hammer, born 1985 in Bad Radkersburg, composer and performer (jazz piano)
Patrick Dunst, born 1983 in Graz, lives as a freelance musician (saxophone) and composer in Vienna

Poetry & Jazz