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Presentation of issue # 7

'apostrophe Literaturzeitschrift

Guest production

The literary magazine 'apostrophe wants to be an open stage - a stage on paper - where the work of art and culture creators is made visible.
Since the literary establishment all too often amplifies the very voices that are already being heard, the magazine aims to give all writers - whether already established or making their first steps - the opportunity to publish their own texts.

The magazine was founded during the first Corona Lockdown 2020 via the Lower Austrian cultural association Proberaum Scheibbs and has since been published twice a year. Issue #6 was published in July and features texts by Julia Knaß, Avy Gdańsk, Alexandru Cosarca, Anna Kohlweis and Martin Peichl, among others.

Issue #7 will be presented on 15 December at Forum Stadtpark, where three of the authors who published texts in the magazine - Lisa Schantl, Kathrin K. Liess and Johanna Schmidt - will provide insights into their work in the form of a reading. The event aims to open up a space in which literature is lived as a social practice: After reading their texts, the authors will also answer questions from the audience as part of a small discussion round. The freshly printed edition can be browsed through and purchased on site. The evening will be accompanied by music from "The Zew" and moderated by Anna Hengstberger from the 'apostrophe editorial team

More info on the issue's open call will follow and will be available at

'apostrophe Literaturzeitschrift