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debating.society #32

Elisa Aseva: Over Time


The texts collected here were originally published on social media. These posts were written during lunch breaks or after work and remained in their raw state: writing as a skim product of the everyday life of an unskilled worker. Aseva writes about her life as a waitress, a mother, and a Black woman in Berlin. Her texts are attentive observations of everyday life. Poetic, political and witty, she gets to the bottom of the prevailing relationships around race, class and gender. Her poetry is immediate, her statements show a clear edge, and when she gets into narration, it ends far too soon. Over Time is the finely composed collection of her best posts that can be left to hang around for days. Maybe longer.

I would have preferred to be born into a rootless, technophile communist milieu, but without too much strife.

Elisa Aseva, born in Khartoum in 1979, lives and works in Berlin. She is considered a representative of digital literature.

Elisa Aseva: Über Stunden. Posts, Berlin 2022. (WeissBooks)

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Elisa Aseva: Over Time