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debating.society #33

Eva von Redecker: Create and Exhaust


How can we think of the economy differently from the growth paradigm, what kind of resource management should we adopt to counteract ecological and social exhaustion, and is it possible for societies to actually generate more wealth, prosperity and well-being for all if they are no longer profit-oriented? Political economist Maja Göpel and philosopher Eva von Redecker address these questions, illuminating them from their respective disciplines and approaching each other in a and debate with each other in order to jointly point out possible ways out of the multiple crises of the present. The dialogue between two exciting thinkers of our time celebrates listening and questioning, the communion of knowledge, without giving up differences, in order to find other forms of economic activity and livelihood: Supply instead of phantom possession, departure instead of apocalypse, regeneration instead of exhaustion.
Eva von Redecker is a philosopher whose thinking combines queerfeminist, decolonial, and ecological approaches with critical philosophy in the Marxian tradition. Her most recent book is Revolution for Life (2020).

Eva von Redecker, Maja Göpel, Margarita Tsomou (Hg.), Maximilian Haas (Hg.): Schöpfen und Erschöpfen, Berlin 2022. (Matthes&Seitz)

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Eva von Redecker: Create and Exhaust