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debating.society #27

Niki Kubaczek, Monika Mokre and Serhat Karakayali


Without migration, there is no city. As a site of many different people, the city has always been a result of the movement of people - within or outside the national borders. Thus, living in the city has always questioned the concept of the nation and its limited imaginative space. The concepts such as "solidary city", "sanctuary cities", "postmigrant society" or the "new municipalisms" on the other hand, are aiming to emphasize the connection between the heterogeneous urban space, the transnationality of living in it, and the solidarity among non-equals.

In the face of the intensification of racist, fascist and nationalist movements, the book is describing different refuges that have been developed over the last years to try to evolve the city to a site of solidarity.

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Niki Kubaczek is a sociologist and a part of the editorial team of transversal texts and of Kritnet

Monika Mokre ist political scientist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In her research and political work she deals with European democracy, migration and cultural politics.

Serhat Karakayali is a Professor of sociology with a focus on migration and mobility at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg.

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Niki Kubaczek, Monika Mokre and Serhat Karakayali