Exhibition 12.04.24 - 13.04.24, 14:00 - 18:00 Entry: Free


The Grand Artfight Prize

Hall of Beef

The pop up exhibition after the awards ceremony.

Visual art is characterised by a culture of avoiding conflict. What is normal in other fields – think, for example, of the annual debates around the Bachmann Prize – is often unthinkable in the visual arts. Exhibition openings and artists talks may address a wide range of topics, but rarely do they openly tackle controversies or discuss the question of what constitutes good and bad art.

At The Grand Artfight Prize, three artists display their works. In an artistic and entirely ironic setting, a jury and the public are invited to assess the works. To be awarded are – what else? – prizes! With one difference: in this art show, all of the invited artists will receive a different award.

But which award? And to whom?

Rose-Anne Gush, Sabine Kienzer, Andreas Spiegl

Anahita Asadifar, Sofia Goscinski und Tomasz Vollmann


Event: 11.4.2024, 19:00
Exhibition: 12. – 13.4.2024, 14 – 18:00

Markus Waitschacher und Robin Klengel

The Grand Artfight Prize

The Artists

The Grand Artfight Prize

THE GRAND ARTFIGHT PRIZE | 12. & 13.4.2024
Forum Stadtpark


Anahita Asadifar (1993, Isfahan) lives and works as an artist and researcher in Vienna. Asadifar explores alternative ways of producing and disseminating knowledge by using montage-based methods to compile and reprocess fragmented public archival knowledge and/or audiovisual material. Asadifar's works are often an autofictional constellation of quotations and are intended as a tribute to those who have helped Asadifar to have her say. Asadifar's recent solo exhibitions include 'Did I stop doing what I would have done?' (2023, 20 20, Vienna) and 'A Knowledge Spectator's Rehearsal,' (2021, School, Vienna).

Sofia Goscinski studied in Vienna and Nice, is a multi-media artist focussing on sculpture. She lives and works in Vienna. Her works are represented in public collections at the Belvedere, Lentos Museum, Wien Museum, Federal Collection and in numerous private collections.

Tomasz Vollmann
Artist, performer and designer