Reading 13.06.23, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: Free

23 authors read unpublished works

Frühling 23

In the middle of June, editor of manuskripte-magazine Andreas Unterweger and Forum Stadtpark invite you to an event, dedicated to texts that have not yet been published. 23 authors will read from their own unpublished writing for five minutes.

A manuscript is an unusual world. It is a country. It is a river. It is a secret garden, a heterotopia, a non-place. It is a courtyard of wonders. It is a den of robbers. It is the place of dreams and uncertainty. Oasis of all possibilities. The author can still change the gender of his characters, their age or the color of their hair in an unpublished text. He can change their fate as much as he wants. Let them die and bring them back to life a few minutes later.

The writers

  • Saifullahi Abdurrazak
  • Roohullah Borhani
  • Hannah Bönisch
  • Theresia Bachmeier
  • Florian Dietmaier
  • Anna Hengstberger
  • Raffael Hiden
  • Mario Hladicz
  • Abelina Holzer
  • Fatah Farzam
  • Julia Knaß
  • Florian Labitsch
  • Julia Lacina
  • Anna Neuwirth
  • Ljudmila Neuhold
  • Judith Pataki
  • Sarah Preiß
  • Romana Rabić
  • Lisa Schantl
  • Klaus Schinnerl
  • Wittrich
  • Babsi Woi-Paierl
  • Angelika Kobl
Frühling 23