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Kinga Tóth, Stefan Schmitzer, Christoph Szalay & Max Höfler

Since its establishment in the early 1960s, the literary department of Forum Stadtpark in Graz has been run by active producers of literature. Authors organized and still organize events according to their aesthetic ideas: They consistently did what they thought was good. FORUM STADTPARK continues to cherish this resonance space for experimental concepts as well as texts that are demanding in form and content.
The four former heads of department, Kinga Toth, Stefan Schmitzer, Max Höfler and Christoph Szalay, read their new texts and talk about their programme ideas, demands and experiences as curators.

Concept and idea: Fiston Mwanza Mujila and Paul Pechmann

Kinga Tóth, Stefan Schmitzer, Christoph Szalay & Max Höfler

Former heads of the literature department

Kinga Tóth, Stefan Schmitzer, Christoph Szalay & Max Höfler


Kinga Tóth, born in Hungary in 1983, is a linguist, visual-sound poet, illustrator and cultural manager. Tóth writes in German, Hungarian and English and presents her texts in installations and performances. She is also an organisational founder for equal rights and women's representation in the literary world in Hungary. In 2018/19 she was a "Graz city writer". In 2020, she received the Hugo Ball Förderpreis and the Bernard Heidsieck Prix for her intermedial/international work. In 2023, Kinga Tóth received the DAAD Scholarship for Literature in Berlin and is on the shortlist of the Wortmeldungen Literature Prize. Most recently published: PARTY (2020, parasitenpresse), OFFSPRING (2020, YAMA), TRANSIT (2021, SuKulTur), Mondgesichter (Matthes&Seitz) 2022), sandwich (zine curated by Esther Eppstein, Zurich, 2022).

Max Höfler, born 1978 in Eastern Styria, lives as a freelance artist and writer in Graz. He studied sound engineering as well as German, philosophy and art history, and wrote his dissertation on a post-Wittgensteinian aesthetic. He's the founder of the semi-virtual home gallery GG44, co-founder of the action, theory and terror group R.A.P1.2 (= Rotes Armee Partizip 1 hoch 2). He has already received numerous awards, including the Peter Rosegger Prize of the Province of Styria or the Theodor Körner Prize of the City of Vienna.
Books, most recently: Alles über alles oder warum (Ritter Verlag 2023).

Stefan Schmitzer, born in Graz in 1979, studied art history, philosophy and German language and literature in Graz and Vienna. He works as a freelance author of poetry and prose, performer and critic in Graz.
Prizes, including the Förderpreis for the magazine manuskripte and a literature scholarship from the province of Styria.
Most recently published: Liste der künstlichen Objekte auf dem Mond. Poem (Ritter Verlag 2021)

Christoph Szalay, born 1987 in Graz, lives in Bad Aussee; studied German language and literature in Graz and art in context at the UdK Berlin. Transdisciplinary works in various constellations and contexts, including: Laufen als ästhetische Praxis, Graz 2021, Alpensprache Rohrmoos, together with Frieda Paris, Klang- Film-Theater Schladming as well as Alte Schmiede, Vienna 2021.
Prizes/scholarships (among others): Jubiläumsfondsstipendium Literar Mechana 2021-22, Alice Salomon Poetik Preis 2019, Wolfgang Weyrauch Förderpreis 2017.
In 2020 his poetry collection RÆNDERN was published by Ritter Verlag.