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Guest production

The literary magazine mischen negotiates ghostly traces in texts about and with the means of scenic interpretation. Traces profile an art of knowledge, a technique of orientation to deal with the absent or to rearrange the absent. Thus it is the mode, i.e. how one deals with traces, negotiates them, continues to spin them, that first charges them symbolically and not its apparent actualization.

The special issue of mischen follows this accentuation and links the concept of the trace with the ghostly. As a literary magazine with a program that is open to all genres, the figurative constellations of the ghostly are to be traced with literary instruments. The texts selected for this purpose deal experimentally with the ghost in the text and focus on literary possibilities of shaping the ghostly. The ghost serves as a figure of the ephemeral, or better: of the destabilizing ephemeral, and tries to capture what cannot be captured - in the ghostly, times, spaces, states intersect. Ghostly traces in texts irritate, disturb, they point to a remainder that networking methods sometimes overlook, in which ghosts sometimes nestle.

With texts by: Yasmin Al-Yazdi, Julia Knass & Anna Neuwirth, Milan Vidovic, Barbara A. Seidl, Martin Peichl, Pippa & Raffael Hiden.

Scenic interpretation with Michaela Purgstaller.