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Futures of Socialism

D.S. #40 with Grace Blakeley


debating.society #40 will start at 20.00 instead of 19.00! The talk will be in English.

Financial crash, climate crisis, covid pandemic.... the list of crises created, fueled, or "solved" by the capitalist mode of production in ways that lead to even more suffering and misery could arguably go on indefinitely. After spending most of the last few years focusing on economic developments, Blakeley's edited anthology asks about the future of socialism, what strategies are needed, how viable a Green New Deal would be, and how we get out of all this, because as we know, we have a world to win.

Grace Blakeley (Hg.in): Futures of Socialism:The Pandemic and the Post-Corbyn Era, London 2020. (Verso Books)

Every first Wednesday of the month, debating.society presents a book that is dedicated to a critical and emancipatory debate on the prevailing conditions. Topics are taken up that are currently determining the daily political debate, but space is also created for topics that are not "trending" at the moment. Apart from the presentation of books, debating.society wants one thing above all: debate!

All previous events in the series are archived as audio files at: soundcloud.com/forumstadtpark/sets/debating-society-im-forum

D.S. #40 with Grace Blakeley

About Grace Blakeley

D.S. #40 with Grace Blakeley

A short biography

Grace Blakeley is an economist and author. Her books on the financialization of the global economy and the aftermath of the Corona crisis have been translated into several languages. She regularly comments on political events on British television, writes for the Tribune, and hosts the podcast A World to Win