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debating.society #31

The (unfulfilled) promise of the education


Education is often stylized as a panacea for social problems. A promise that the new issue of "schulheft" takes a critical look at. Nevertheless, the failure of the education system to counteract social inequality is not without alternative. School does not have to be a place of powerlessness and racism, and basic education could also be more critical. But as long as there are refugee camps like Moria, German language classes, anti-migrant* laws, extremism, unequal gender relations and neoliberal pedagogization, the promise of education remains incomplete.

Borne by the spirit of optimism of the '68 movement, the "schulheft" was founded in 1976 as a critical pedagogical forum that interlocks theory and practice and is being published quarterly by Studienverlag.

The (unfulfilled) promise of the education