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Opening of the annual theme

Declaration of Disagreement

Hall of Beef

What should we fight about, and how? Which declarations of disagreement distract us from the real social grievances of our time? Who profits from this dynamic? How might we secure a culture of conflict in solidarity between our coalitions and alliances? These and further questions form the blueprint for our annual programme, and we pose them in order to strengthen our resolve to refuse all forms of oppression. “Declaration of Disagreement” will begin with the workshop “Arguments Against Barroom Cliches” with anti-discrimination trainer Melinda Tamas. Following this, Markus Gönitzer and Sara T. Huber, together with journalist and politician Ines Schwerdtner and political scientist and pedagogy expert María do Mar Castro Varela, discuss various forms of emancipatory conflict held in a spirit of solidarity.

15:00 Workshop: “Arguments Against Barroom Cliches” with Melinda Tamas

19:00 Panel Discussion with Ines Schwerdtner and María do Mar Castro Varela

Curated by Sara T. Huber, Markus Gönitzer and Rivka Saltiel
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Declaration of Disagreement

About our guests

Declaration of Disagreement

Declaration of Disagreement | 13/4/2024


Maria do Mar Castro Varela is a political scientist and Professor of General Education and Social Work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. She specialises in postcolonial theories, racism and anti-Semitism research, critical migration research, conspiracy theories, gender and queer studies.

Her publications include "Freund:innenschaft. Dreiklang einer politischen Praxis (with Bahar Oghalai)", "Double Blind Postkolonial. Critical Perspectives on Art and Cultural Education (with Leila Haghighat)" and "Untimely Utopias. Migrant women between self-invention and scholarly hope".

Ines Schwerdtner is a German publicist. She was editor-in-chief of the German-language edition of the socialist magazine Jacobin until summer 2023. Since then, she has been the sole editor of the Hyperpolitik podcast. In autumn 2024, she will stand as a candidate for the Left Party in the European elections.


Melinda Tamás knows how to handle bullshit. The academic speaker and anti-discrimination expert teaches us effective strategies against it in a 3-hour workshop (don't worry, there are breaks).