Improvisation 11.12.23, 21:00 Saloon Entry: pay what you can€

Christmas Special

Grazer Impro Klub (GIK)

Guest production Grazer Impro Klub

The GIK - Grazer Impro Klub sees itself as a platform for the preservation, consolidation and cultivation of the musical practice of improvisation and genre-free musical experimentation. Spontaneously curated and moderated by Patrick Wurzwallner and populated with top-class guests, the GIK manifests a benevolent and, as far as possible, inclusive space for enabling a collective risk practice. Always on the last Monday of the month. Tell your friends, bring your instruments and be a part of the impro sensation!

This time, fitting the time of the year, the Grazer Impro Klub will provide an intimate get-together. There won't be a special guest, but it's sure to be fun anyway!

Grazer Impro Klub (GIK)