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Grazer Impro Klub

Álvaro Vallejo Larre

Guest production Grazer Impro Klub

Álvaro Vallejo Larre, violin and viola player from the andean Quito (Ecuador), will be
seen playing the most diverse programms in Graz, almost all of them related with
free improvisation. He has performed and recorded several Jazz pieces and
albums composed by some of the most prominent young jazz composers of
Austria like Johannes Berauer, Amelia Jane Jutilane, Cristina Miguel Martínez,
Miriam Kulmer, Simon Kintopp, Emiliano Sampaio, Markus Neuwirth, among
Álvaro has also shared stage with legends of the city like Patrick Dunst, Mathilde
Vendramin, Tin Dzaferovic, Jan Krizanic-Nessmann, Sophie Stöcker, Nick Acorne,
Derek Plunkie, and specially with Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun and Guillermo Villegas
Alemán, with which he joined the band Nos Incogniti from 2019 until 2022. At the
moment he is member of the Styrian Improvisers Orchestra leadered by Annette
Giesriegl and Josef Klammer, and of the Ensemble für Neue Musik conducted by
Edo Micic.
Since October 2023 he is in charge of the christian pop-rock band Uprising with
the singer Johanna Schenk.

The GIK - Grazer Impro Klub sees itself as a platform for the preservation, consolidation and cultivation of the musical practice of improvisation and genre-free musical experimentation. Spontaneously curated and moderated by Patrick Wurzwallner and populated with top-class guests, the GIK manifests a benevolent and, as far as possible, inclusive space for enabling a collective risk practice. Always on the last Monday of the month. Tell your friends, bring your instruments and be a part of the impro sensation!

Álvaro Vallejo Larre