Improvisation 31.10.22, 9 p.m. Forum Keller Entry: Free

Grazer Impro Klub - eletronics special

Roma Gavryliuk, Oliver Roth (Arp Animal Orchestra)

Grazer Impro Klub

Roma Gavryliuk (*16.01.1997) is a composer, musician and sound artist. His fields of activity are broad and range from multidisciplinary performances and audiovisual installations to experimental sound recordings and sound design. His current interest is in the interaction between movement and sound, the search for ways to relate the sound content of space to changes in its physical properties, and the effects of these processes on the audience or participants. Originally born in Kiev, Ukraine, he graduated in classical music as a violist at the P. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine. Since 2018, Roma has continued his education at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Oliver Roth, born in Mainz, came to Graz by studying sound engineering. Already as a child fascinated by electronic sounds. First attempts to discover own soundscapes with tape machine and record player. Started building his own sound generators at an early age. Still searching for new sounds and structures. Member of the Arp Animal Orchestra.

The GIK - Grazer Impro Klub sees itself as a platform for the preservation, consolidation and cultivation of the musical practice of improvisation and genre-free musical experimentation. Spontaneously curated and moderated by Patrick Wurzwallner and populated with top-class guests, the GIK manifests a benevolent and, as far as possible, inclusive space for enabling a collective risk practice. Always on the last Monday of the month. Tell your friends, bring your instruments and be a part of the impro sensation!

Roma Gavryliuk, Oliver Roth (Arp Animal Orchestra)