Concerts & Party 13.04.24, 21:00 Entry: Free

Sounds of Beef

Hall of Beef

Following the annual programme’s discursive beginning, the “Halle für Streit / Hall of Beef” opens the doors of its basement for a wild and furious music programme. The kick-off is provided by feminist artist duo SIKSA, well-known for their uncompromising declaration of war against the patriarchy through punk-noise sounds, performative lyrics, and contemporary dance. The MERMAID AND SEAFRUIT follow in a similar vein. The Viennese duo is known not only for its mashup of Hip Hop, hardstyle, grime and R’n’B, but also for its representation of sensual activism and its clear-cut politics – in their words, “both edgy and kinky”. The evening culminates with sets from the very danceable Nilu and DJ Nina Eba.

Contributors: Siksa, Mermaid and Seafruit, Nilu and DJ Nina Eba
Curated by Sara T. Huber and Markus Gönitzer

Sounds of Beef

About the music acts

Sounds of Beef

Sounds of Beef | 13/04/2024

Mermaid & Seafruit are a live-act beyond and in between the binaries of genre, like a very concerning threeway of glam-metal, hyperpop and hardcore gave birth to dark and electronic twins. The Vienna-based duo layers high-pitched live-vocals over five-octave-arpeggios and 180-BPM-gabber-kicks, only to merge into a two-minute interlude, a transcendental ballad and back to a break-infused halftime stomper. It’s a rave opera of grand feelings and high-speed ecstasy and although this has been an adjective-driven insanity of a description we fucking promise you these two alone are worth coming to this evening. Just listen to a single track and you’ll know we’re right.” (Disorder - Fast and Nice, March 2022)

SIKSA (Yiddish: שיקסע, romanized: shikse, disparaging word for a young woman percieved as vulgar, inexperienced and immature) is a feminist duo arranged for voice, bass, lyrics and bodies. SIKSA's concerts combine the energy of a punk concert, performative poetry or contemporary dance. SIKSA played over 300 concerts all over Europe, from small clubs and squats, through contemporary art galleries to the largest European festivals.

Nina Eba is a DJ AND SOUND PRODUCER, co-founder of GRVGRV music formation,
resident of cutiecore formation and POLYGON LABEL.

Nilu is a Berlin-based activist and DJ. Her sound is characterised by a colourful mix of different genres - here RnB & HipHop vocals collide with fast breaks & subs.